Perkins Engine Co., Ltd. was founded in 1932. Perkins is one of the world’s leading engine manufacturers and a leader in the off highway diesel and natural gas engine market with power of 10 to 2000 kW (5 to 2800hp). Perkins is trusted by major equipment manufacturers worldwide. Our Perkins’ diesel generators product lineup includes: 400 series, 1100 series, 1500 series, 2000 series and 4000 series Perkins engines.

As a global power supplier, Cummins designs, produces and distributes diversified power solutions, and provides service support. DCEC and CCEC are JV companies of cost, long working life, Cummins diesel engines are trusted by customers around the world and have earned a reputation of being very robust engines s for diesel power generation.

Jiangxi Isuzu Motors Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between Isuzu and Jianling Motors Corporation n Group (JMCG). The venture is headquartered in Nanchang, Jiangxi province. As the first Japanese brand diesel engine made in China, it attracts a lot of attention in the generators’ market. JX Isuzu generators are very cost effective option range 20KVA-40KVA, all power range we can supply with same dimension, good for stock, transport and maintenance work.


China FAW Group Corporation (short for FAW), formerly China First Automobile Works, can trace its roots back to Jul 15, 1953, when its first assembly plant started to be constructed. FAW is one of China’s oldest and largest automotive manufacturers. UHU Group is the pioneer importer of FAWDE diesel generators in Pakistan and is deliciated to expand more market for FAWDE generators. Due to their very compact size, FAWDE generators are widely popular in Telecom projects, Industrial zones, Banks, Households, etc.